That which we celebrate defines us by defining that which we value. To properly apply this principle, it is necessary to study the cultures that more reliably produce greatness. When one does so, it is immediately obvious that greatness is more frequently achieved when greatness is valued and even more so, when it is celebrated. Where intellect is celebrated intellect is more often produced. Where art is celebrated, art is more often produced. Where well composed music is celebrated, well composed music is produced. Where athleticism is celebrated, it also more often produced. By the same token, where ignorance, state dependency, self-abomination and self-doubt is celebrated, it teems without bound. When we teach children that proper command of English language is equal to selling out, that intellectual development is against God’s will, that money is our salvation and purges us of all sins, that they are entitled to tax dollars instead of being required to pay them and that their physical being – brawn, beauty and athleticism is their only way out then what results should not be a surprise. Furthermore, all the legislation, tax dollars and hopeful thinking will never change these results. The change will come when children are taught to value all their precious resources and all their precious opportunities and that the purpose of life is to have a purposeful life not to simply chase after the dollar and to mindlessly consume them.


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