The American Dream in Distress

The American Dream in Distress

So many authors of our current opportunities dreamt of an American bountiful in goodwill, diverse intellect and free thinking, wealthy and open for all to American citizens to enjoy. Some of the authors in the beginning did not define the citizen as broadly as some of the authors, that arose out of need as time passed, did but each of the authors envisioned higher-minded and greater citizenship as the fruit of their ideals. They were committed to the American dream which is evident in their investment of blood, sweat and tears. They instilled the better part of their human capital to produce the sort of capital that would supposedly circulate as legal tender as the result of their benefactors creating something of real value to sustain the process. Entertainment potentially adds value when it adds value to our down time and inspires us to move forward afterward with affirmation and confidence. That said, entertainment is tricky in that it alone cannot sustain civilization for it is not a tangible good that can satisfy our more immediate needs and desires and if debase, it can actually reduce enthusiasm, subtract goodwill and a sense of accountability in the quote unquote downtrodden members of its audience. Entertainment can also spark righteous as well as unrighteous revolutions and has proven this time and time throughout history. Unfortunately, mindless and debase entertainment can serve to sink a culture and thus a nation; thus, creating a real distress.


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