Diego and I were rained in again in Tampa, Florida. We have lots of outside adventures to pursue but we decided to use our bad weather to make good on our earlier YMCA video. We made subtle changes to the soundtrack and added a bookend to close the video. It’s awesome all the tools that are available to capture the imagination of people ranges from nine years old to forty-six.

Malcolm X on CBC Front Page Challenge

Malcolm X appeared on the CBC Front Page Challenge on January 5, 1965. He was murdered on February 21, 1965. This appearance allows us to gather a better understanding of how his views evolved over the life time of his involvement in the civil rights movement in the United States. This interview answers some important questions about his specific views on racial hatred, violence, and segregation. It also presents us with a chance to better understand his outlook on the civil rights approach taken up by Martin Luther King, Jr. For the complete program aired on January 5, 1965 which features Malcolm X, check out the CBC archive link:


Kung Fu was a popular series during the seventies. Although it was disappointing with respect to fight scenes, it would almost always satisfy the audience with pearls of wisdom from the Tao Te Ching in answer to the daily challenges of living. Today wisdom isn’t as popular in the media as blind impulse. In my opinion, what is popular in the media potentially shapes the opinion of the very young. This video is a juxtaposition of the focus of media from two different times.

Paula Deen Racist Comments, Use Of N-Word Allegedly Caught On Video [UPDATED]

Paula Deen is being held to a higher standard than other personalities in mass media. And double standards ultimately breed contempt. If any ethical code or statute is to be taken seriously then it must apply to all involved. Until all mass media entertainers, Black, White and all shades of gray in between, are hammered for use of the N-word and other epithets and unsavory language and behavior then any consequences for such is unfair and unjust.
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Free Your Mind

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery… none but ourselves can free our minds…” This state of mind is evident where people buy what they want while begging for what they need… This typically results from a sense of entitlement and a … Continue reading